Use your laptop as a wifi adapter for your xbox 360 (windows 7)

Use your laptop as a wifi adapter for your xbox 360 (windows 7)
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In this video Luis ( is going to teach you how to use your windows 7 computer as a wifi adapter for your xbo…



tyler barley says:

Really works thanks dude!!!!!!

Brandon Chandara says:

Why cant someone post the fucking updated version of xbox360 you stupid fucks

zombie115m says:

this worked thanx

Paddzi UK says:

this works for windows 8 aswell guys :) just press the start button and type control, click control panel and carry on :) like so all can see!

blackops2mw31 says:

Thanks man only video that helped me out!.

Modfox0 says:

Or you’ve either done it wrong or there’s a problem with your network. Dumb fuck.

Mitchell Hu says:

My computer doesnt have bridging or local networks in the connection. Still won’t work.

maximus10262610 says:


Sally Dean says:


Donald Hurley says:

I love this idea it make xbox 360 run better then it haves been with the xfinity wi fi router by its self thank you for the help.

shane snider says:

it worked but the xbox sayed it needed an update so i did hit update and it sayed swomthing but i dont have live just trying to connect to pc i tyred that to and it did not find my pc can u help


daaaaankeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!

InUrCrossHair says:

It worked but now my NAT level is strict and I don’t know how to change it. HELP!

Roberto Rios says:

Does it still work if the laptop is on sleep mode

WannabeYoteslaya says:

I use windows XP for it….

Tito Romero says:

It doesnt work for me everytime i try connecting my xbos says i cant connect

MrTheodoreTbag says:

you utter legend! thank you kindly my man

Wickedflesh10 says:

no your internet is shit

Aiden Dudley says:

search it :p

meanbean177 says:

When I do it I go into a game and I only play for about 2 minutes before it kicks me out of the game and disconnects me from Xbox live ur tutorial is shit

MrGamesandcomedy says:

hey when ever I close my laptop lid it disconnects me Please some one help me

Inferno blaze says:

yes it does work

InstallationMan1171 says:

I miss this dashboard version so much! Thumbs up

tanauka says:

Thanks alot you saved me $70!! Worked with Windows 8!!

unusedunusedunused says:

Dude you rule the school. Thank you for doing this with a Windows 7 computer. It worked flawlessly with my desktop!

guitargod1298 says:

how do u fix the signal bars?

SxMxB1 says:

does this work for win 8 ? anyone ?

Alex Rocha says:

Mine doesnt want to work bro :/ it says that it cant obtain the ip address from my router

Tajhi Rodriguez says:

This video is from 2010 and still works perfectly, thank you very much kind sir for your knowledge. I am happy to say it works great!

Shannon Trent says:

what happens when nothing shows up in the “change adapter settings” category ???

xDaalleeeeX says:

hey bro, might not use your channel anymore or not, but i thought id ask. i have done these steps however the xbox cannot find an ip address, ill reset all the routers etc to see if that helps but if you have an alternative it would be appreciated

TazzeLOL says:

works nice !

Acacolypso says:

ty man works great

DoktorSick says:

thanks for posting !! this helped alot !! i used to this connect my nephews xbox and it saved by sis in law 100 bucks !!

derek bailey says:

big thanks work great

Thomas van Nieuwpoort says:

This doesn’t work

62redboost says:

for a good tutorial you shouldnt have the steps already done and then talk about what they “should” look like, fyi, even for simple ones

Eddie Chirino says:

Excellent! I had read an article and watched two other videos trying to figure this out, none of them mentioned the “bridge” part, that’s what made this work. Thanks man!

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