How to Downgrade from Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 to Mountain Lion 10.8 (After Effects CS6 Problem)

How to Downgrade from Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 to Mountain Lion 10.8 (After Effects CS6 Problem)
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Hello Youtubers, This is Kinsley from KeenTechz !!! This tutorial will show you how to downgrade from the Beta version of Maverick back to Mountain. This vid…



Oscar Brunno says:

Although AE is running smoothly, Premier Pro is crashing left and right. Downgrading would be the only option since Adobe hasn’t found a solution yet.

cheryllscheiwen says:

Thanks a lot!!!

SyrticEdits says:

You don’t have to downgrade just search for your adobe applications manager and update all the adobe products you have that need updated, that fixes the problem. Its that simple! i have After effects CS6 and it runs perfectly fine!

Sathesh Sivashanmugam says:

Is there any way to view this video without the music

EGCdigital says:

I have After Effects on Mavericks just update with adobe updater and that’s all ! OSX Mavericks is more fast and smooth.

Dustin Jose says:

Hey man. I have followed your instructions but after pressing the Mac OS X the screen turns blue and it won’t go to the disk utility section. Please help

Kirk D says:

Thanks so much for this video!! Great job!! I never backed up Mountain Lion before installing Mavericks. But now I am in Mavericks using Time Machine to back up before downgrading. After I downgrade to Mountain Lion, will I be able to migrate like you did in the video? Or am I out of luck because I didn’t back up in Mountain Lion first? Merci Beaucoup!

Stellar Wind says:

Is there any way you could provide a link for the Mountain Lion dwg needed to do this? Looks like Apple has removed it from the App Store now.

zenMINDchannel says:

I am so pissed at upgrading to Mavericks. I’m gonna do everything you say in the video and. hopefully it will work FINE ..

ZannTech says:

I really didn’t use any of the changes/’features’ that were added on in Mavericks. As well as After Effects, ScreenFlow doesn’t work either, which is really annoying, as I like to use both!

Matthew Yoon says:


samsung39967 says:

Can I just format my hard drive and install it?

nsnyu2653 says:


nsnyu2653 says:


KeenTechZ says:

do you mean the bootable usb installer ???

nsnyu2653 says:

did you ever post the video on how to put the osx recovery on a USB? please let me know asap.

KeenTechZ says:

I will post a video on that by sunday !!! Don’t forget to subscribe

Michael Pang says:

How did you make the USB boot with Mac OS?

Gabby Taylor says:

How do I remove this?

KeenTechZ says:

if you want a clean install you can format the entire Hard drive and reinstall using the bootable USB installer.
The other partition was just a way for me to backup my files in order to restore them I didn’t have a external HD !!! :)

sachitisthebest says:

Can I install it over my regular hard drive? I dont want os x mavericks anymore! What is the use of making another partition if you are still keeping mavericks!

KeenTechZ says:

If you didn’t backup , you won’t be able to recover the files. So what actually happen ??? Are you able to access your account in maverick ???

Adr3nalineDubstep says:

what if i didn’t backup :p

KeenTechZ says:

You have to start holding (not press) the option key before pressing the power button.

BTW that use to happen to me to . :))))


Leroy Micheal says:

hey mate, listen i need help, ive install mavericks without a dev account, now i dont like it and want to restore lion but its not allowing me to do so. ive tried to restart my mac and press the option key but nothing happen it, just star my computer as normal. help how to remove maverick?

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