For Android users:100% working Internet via adhoc wifi network without any app!

For Android users:100% working Internet via adhoc wifi network without any app!
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Ali Fatouh says:

Great..but now i want to unroot my phone , how to proceed?

manpreet singh says:

i have a darkyrom 2 xxki3 rooted galaxy s2 gt-i9100 and adhoc work on it

1] download darkyrom2 xxki3 and install

2] download root darkyrom2 root file

3] download wifieadhocenabler app

open wifiadhocenabler app

select 1 option [verify prerequisites]

few sec.
select 2 option [enable wifi ad hoc]

and close app
open wifi setting adhoc network show (*) like this enjoy

sorry for bad english

Hoàng Việt says:

my android phone does not see the ad-hoc access point, show how can i config its ip ???

Missy Nolan says:

I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and i dont have any options to enable static ip under advanced. Anbody know why/how to enable it?

Derangedxzombie says:

Everyone: Androids don’t have ad-hoc enabled in them, you have to root, then patch them using either a limited software or a tricky method, it sucks.

Michel Plungjan says:

This is assuming the device can SEE the adhoc network. What if the network is not showing up at all?

CHERRY always says:

thank o very much

MultiSorter says:

Fcuker didn’t tell that you have to root your anrdroid…time waste

GrowlingVocals says:

usb routeri gakvs ? :))

Alan Webb says:

You did not explain how you enabled ad-hoc on the android since its not enabled by default, thanks for wasting my time.

lvimal says:

Hey man now you can connect to internet in your android without tethering or adhoc. A new way. /watch?v=JoTosNR8cTk (no rooting is required)

Wei Zhang says:

The most significant reason that I avoid Android is because of it does not support ADhoc network, the device is plain useless without an access point wifi.

adhoc327 says:

dns2 isn’t necessary so enter what u want

adhoc327 says:

That’s not fake
the (*) is shown to make u know you are dealing with an adhoc network

xxxxduyxxxx1 says:

lol : DNS2 :

xxxxduyxxxx1 says:

that’s FAKE.
On PC : connection name : 015
but on android phone is: (*)015

WHY ? if not fake

Michele5623 says:

to use this method you need a rooted phone with a wpa_supplicant file patched…this guy did not tell this…ad-hoc networks are not supported by android

JohDzef says:

a problem:

ur firmware upgrade was:
Android: 2.3.6 Baseband: S5360XXLA2  Kernel: Buildnumber: GINGERBREAD.JPLA1… that firmware is for middle east. while in phil.. the firmwares are
Philippines (Smart) SMA – S5360DXLF2/S5360OLBLG1/S5360DXLF1 (Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread) as of july 2012… is it just the same??

slametal says:

The option has been removed from I9300 S3 on Jelly Bean

adhoc327 says:

upgrade your firmware : Upgrade Procedure for android firmwares : see this link (remove the two spaces from the address) / dFwPV

adhoc327 says:

Respond to this video…

 For Samsung Galaxy Y s5360, it should be

Android: 2.3.6

Baseband: S5360XXLA2


Buildnumber: GINGERBREAD.JPLA1 —–

upgrade your firmware : Upgrade Procedure for android firmwares : see this link (remove the two spaces from the address) : / dFwPV

JohDzef says:

so i followed all your instructions but i didnt found the network. but, my wifi says i connected and i have that wifi icon above my screen. but when i try to open google play it says no connection.
my only question is, how did your phone detect the ad-hoc. we have the same phone, here’s mine:

>Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
>Android 2.3.6
>Baseband S5360DXLE1
>Kernel dpi@DELL130 #1

can i see your phone info????

CupidNil says:

Hey, There is no need of any software even you need not root your phone to use PC internet in your android device. Simply by using Microssoft’s internal commands you can do that. I have discussed a step by step method in my blog. I hope this helps.

Silva Berlus Coni says:

my phone doesnt even recognize the network, I’ve followed all the instructions, help me.!!!

azari trent says:

worked for me but how can i record my screen?plz help

shalvovichable says:

sg,sg dzma :) you save me :) thanks

Isaac Galvan says:

does ur pc need wifi for it to work?

CupidNil says:

You can do this for any wifi enabled devices.You don’t need any software or root your device nothing. You only need to create an access point network from your laptop. For step by step discussion please visit­08/share-pc-internet-with-andr­oid-phone.html
Hope this would help..
Thnks bye.. :)

adhoc327 says:

try upgrading your phone firmware it may solve the problem

OuchMikeHunt says:

I’m selling easy tether pro codes and pdanet pro codes for $2 a piece instead of the $10 and $30 they are charging. Email me at (I use paypal)

Ann RT says:

I myself own a galaxy pocket but this didnt work for me,I am ussing windows 7 ..After configuring pc as shown my galaxy pocket is not showing any wifi connectionss in the list…. Please help..I completed configuring on galaxy pocket also…still device not showing any wifi connections…plz help anybody…I used my dial up broadband connection for internet sharing and Wireless connection(using dell wlan card) for setting adhoc network…thankss

Dinesh nayar says:

amazing …thx!!

adhoc327 says:

Use the screen capture option of the program HiSuite

neckreth says:

What is the trick?

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